We at Fenext understand that every client has unique needs, specific projects and particular objectives. That is why we aim to offer tailored services that are carefully designed to be in line with the individual project requirements and intrinsic features.

Our differential value lies in a unique specialisation and deep understanding of our clients, particularly in the synergy between the French and Spanish markets.

Our extensive experience in France stands us in good stead to be the preferred partner for clients seeking to establish themselves in the dynamic Spanish real estate market and, reciprocally, for Spanish clients wishing to explore the French market.

Such specialisation is rooted in deep cross-border expertise and an established network. It places us in a separate category and consolidates our position as strategic benchmark operator for our clients.




Developers looking for land, facilities or buildings to develop all types of property projects – from residential schemes and office premises to logistics warehouses, retail units, hotels and alternative uses.

We provide them guidance from day one on the search and acquisition of the perfect asset and support them every step of the way by walking them through each stage of commercial and technical development to transformation and sale.

We at Fenext provide every developer with bespoke assistance and ensure that every project meets and exceeds its objectives.



Investors, mainly funds, seeking to bring profitable property assets into their portfolios.

We offer local and international investors a full range of opportunities across all types of assets and investment strategies, from Core and Core Plus to Value Add, Opportunity and Special Situations.

We at Fenext not only focus on optimising asset performance, but also on making the lives of our clients easier via a comprehensive management of their assets.

We assist our clients with the divestment of any property in their portfolio via off-market, discreet and low-profile processes that are highly appreciated by our professional investors.




Shaping The Next. Let’s start designing your real estate future today. Because the property industry is our raison d’être, we at Fenext are committed to proposing the most innovative solutions for your business. Contact us and together we will tailor the most appropriate strategy to suit your needs.

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