We at Fenext specialise in managing property assets and portfolios on behalf of our investors, maximising the return on their investment and advising them based on an optimal mix of strategies.

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For Fenext, asset management is synonymous with adaptability and accuracy in all aspects — from day-to-day needs, rentals, relations with tenants and property improvement, to timely strategic sales decision-making. We are involved in financial reporting and performance measurement, and provide our clients with a clear vision of the developments in their investment. Our services include the preparation of specific business plans for each asset, as well as the operational and technical management of assets.

We are committed to sustainability and offer solutions that capitalise on market data and insights, which allows us to effectively manage all aspects of an investment’s life cycle and optimise returns.

We pride ourselves on conducting asset management using a local approach. Our teams have a deep understanding of the culture and dynamics of each market we operate in. We cover all types of assets, including office premises, retail units, and industrial and logistics warehouses located across the Spanish peninsula.


Asset Management

We specialise in maximising the value and performance of each asset by applying tailor-made strategies ranging from acquisition and improvement to divestment.

Property Management

Whether as part of the portfolio of assets invested via us or independently, our clients enjoy a service where every aspect—from maintenance to the commissioning of suppliers, and tenant and administration relations—is managed with pinpoint accuracy and followed up on.



Active management of an income-producing logistics warehouse


Active management of an income-producing logistics warehouse


Dirección del proyecto de reconversión de una antigua fábrica



Shaping The Next. Let’s start designing your real estate future today. Because the property industry is our raison d’être, we at Fenext are committed to proposing the most innovative solutions for your business. Contact us and together we will tailor the most appropriate strategy to suit your needs.

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